is undoubtedly Kenya’s fastest growing free-advert market place. We take pride in delivering a unique taste to our users who have had to bear with substandard services from our competitors for a long time. Customer satisfaction takes the center-stage in all decisions that we make towards making this platform a better place. Mchepu: Home of Free Adverts is duly registered by the Kenyan government as Mexxus Private Limited Company since 2015 and is a law abiding entity. The safety measures that we follow is the market’s best considering how we constantly put in place checks to sieve off scammers and fraud. We have taken the daunting task of marketing our platforms to ensure that sellers can just post and wait for leads at the palm of their hands. 

The journey towards building this platform has been painful and slow. The idea first crossed our minds in 2013 when one of our founders would search for items in the traditional platforms but the search results were not exactly what he expected. Besides, there were little to no security measures to guard the safety of users of the platforms not mention the poor customer service. In the process, we tried to contact a few developers in the formative years to help design a state-of-art platform which often times would fail miserably. The four times we attempted to design the primordial websites, we would end up scammed or even have sub-standard websites that could not be released to the market.

As fate would have it, we would join hands with oursecond founder, Jackson Mwendwa, an IT guru, who would spend sleepless nights to ensure that ourdreams became a reality. Remarkably, our journey of disappointments and half-success is areflection of the average Kenyan user who desires for a customer-friendly market place butmostly misses on that. We are eternally grateful of the support we have received from Kenyanssince 2018 when we first went public. We will never take for granted our clients who constantly

Visit our online platforms to post, buy or even leave positive criticism aimed at making us abetter entity.We see a brighter future especially in the online atmosphere because we are working hardto introduce new products and features. In that regard, we are eternally grateful of our clients andstakeholders who have stood with us even when we had no name and no one knew us till nowwhen we have become an indispensable household name. As we speak, we have brought sanityto the online free-classified market place that never existed before. Consequently, there has beenpanic by our competitors and that is our greatest pride.Our marketing and sales team is consistently spending time and other resources to ensurethat we build the greatest brand in the country. We have mastered the art of digital marketing toensure that we are always top of your search engines which in the end guarantees more sales toour sellers. Our aggressiveness in the market is like that of an alligator that is on a mission impossible!

The most interesting part of my work is when I talk to our clients. I love talking to the people we work with because it aids in building a lasting partnership. I always take all feedback, good or bad, since it is vital to listen to the people we serve. When such people care enough to talk to us about how we can serve them better, it means they care about our success. This kind of communication is helping create a partnership wherein the clients are looking at us as part of their team, integral to their happiness and success.

The truth is that our competition focuses on classified ads solely for the sake of it. They do not see the bigger picture of their clients’ operations, hence doing those clients a disservice. Too often Classified Ads companies only care about their needs, their own standards and not about the needs of their clients. We are different, we value every client, every opinion and every review. Mchepu is here to help you sell your items, whether new, used or refurbished and even give it as a gift or set up an auction. We are the only company that offers all this on a single application.

We are confident that we will meet all our clients’ needs with the effective service that Mchepu offers. My goal is to make sure that our clients are assured that we have their best interests at heart. We may stumble and make mistakes, but we will always make it right. This all comes down to trust, the foundation of any effective business partnership. We will earn that trust by delivering on our promises to ensure every client gets the peace of mind that they deserve.

Jackson Mwendwa, C.E.O.